Employers Urged to Think About Mental Health

Out Doors welcomes any promotion of the need for greater support and understanding about mental health in the workplace.  Most of us are spending more time at work and therefore have less time to look after our health.  Employers need to understand the benefits associated with keeping employees well – better work performance, lower levels of leave, lower levels of ‘presenteeism’ and higher staff retention.

Businesses should consider Wellness Programs as a way to keep their workplace healthy, which is exactly why Out Doors offers one.

In today’s article from Pro Bono Australia, employers are being urged to think about how they can better support the mental health of their staff at work, as the costs of failing to act hurt both the individual and the business.

With one in five Australians affected every year by mental illness, the national mental health charity, SANE Australia, says making supporting mental health a major issue for employers.

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