What we believe in

Organisational Philosophy

Out Doors believes that a person with mental health and other disabilities:

  • should be involved in planning of outdoor adventure activities;
  • has the right to choose; and
  • should be considered as someone with potential, abilities and a future.


Out Doors Inc. will be the pre-eminent provider of outdoor adventure programs that promote mental health and wellbeing.


The mission of Out Doors Inc. is to provide challenging approaches to better mental health by assisting people to get out the door and to participate in the life of their community.


The following are the key values held by Out Doors and these guide our decision making, practices and delivery of services.

Respecting the diversity our participants, staff and leaders is fundamental to us. We operate with empathy, uphold standards of ethical behaviour and work with participants in their interests.

Our participants will be rewarded by their experience. We provide hope and encouragement to our participants to take up challenges and to reach their potential.

We will achieve high standards in everything we do, particularly the safety and wellbeing of our participants. We will innovate and constantly seek opportunities for the sustainability of our services.

We will be accountable for delivering our Mission, having regard for the highest moral and ethical standards. We are committed in all our activities whether related to a participant, a partner, the community or our employees.

Environmental stewardship
We actively use and promote practices that ensure minimal impact on the environment. We acknowledge our responsibility for efficient use of resources to ensure environmental sustainability into the future.