Board Vacancies 

The Board at Out Doors Inc is known as the Council and these are unpaid positions.

We are actively seeking members with particular skills as determined by the Strategic Plan and the anticipated gaps are in the following areas:
• Legal
• Marketing/fundraising
• Media/communication
• Industry knowledge – health and wellbeing, not-for-profit.

In addition, the following experience and commitment from members is important to the overall effective Council functioning:
• A commitment to the vision and mission of Out Doors;
• Willingness to take on a leadership role from time to time on sub-committees, working groups, etc;
• Willingness to participate regularly in Council and other convened meetings;
• Developing a sound knowledge of the mental health issues, and
• Qualification with the Australian Institute of Company Directors or equivalent is highly regarded.

Please refer to the position description attached for further information regarding board members roles and responsibilities.