Why join us

Getting outdoors and doing something challenging and healthy is good for everyone’s mental health and wellbeing.

Out Doors offers people the opportunity to get outdoors, socialise and participate in challenging activities. We focus on participants’ ability, rather than disability. The 150+ people on our waiting list are testament to the effectiveness of our service, but also the reason that any support is greatly appreciated.

Here’s what we know about Mental Health*
There is a high level of personal, social and financial burden imposed by mental health problems and disorders in Australia. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and World Bank, poor mental health will rise from position number eight to position number two, second to cardiovascular disease (CVD) by the year 2020. By the same year, Major Depressive illness will be the leading cause of disability in the world for women and children.

Here’s what we know about Mental Health in Australia**
The latest national snapshot from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that mental health issues are on the rise which indicates that the global projections are very real and preventative measures should be taken seriously by all individuals.

  • Almost half the total population (45.5%) experiences a mental health disorder at some point in their lifetime.
  • 1 in 5 people or 20% of the population aged 16-85 years will experience a mental illness each year. This is equivalent to 3.2 million Australians.
  • Only one third of people (34.9%) with a mental health disorder used health services for their mental health problem – and two thirds of people with a mental health disorder did not report using services for the mental health disorder.
  • The annual cost of mental illness in Australia has been estimated at $20 billion, which includes the cost of lost productivity and labour force participation.

*  World Health Organisation (WHO)
**  These stats are based on Australian Bureau of Statistics National survey of Mental Health and Well Being 2007. Summary of Results. ABS Cat. No.4326.0 Australian Bureau of Statistics, Canberra 2008.