Out Doors won a Yarra Sustainability Award!

YSA15 award photos

Out Doors Inc. won in the Community Action category at the Yarra Sustainability Awards for our Community Garden & River Care programs.  At the Richmond Town Hall on Thursday 4th June our Marketing & Communication Manager, Carla McGlynn, accepted the award from Yarra Councillor Misha Coleman. With host Dave O’Neill, Carla explained the winning programs:

“Out Doors Inc. redesigned a large community garden in Carlton, which is used by culturally diverse groups and benefits the local community. We also completed a River Care program. Participants explored the Yarra River via raft and foot, cleaning up sections and carrying out activities to create healthier waterways.

In addition to the environmental benefits, participants benefited from the physical activity as well as the aspect of ‘giving back’. Feedback indicated a parallel process of development – as they rejuvenated the living environment around them, they also felt an internal sense of personal rejuvenation and healing.”

Through building healthy and sustainable communities that work together to make our environment better, Out Doors Inc. is literally fulfilling its brief to engage disenfranchised people to contribute and live a meaningful life in their community.

Well done to all involved!