John’s Story

John was born with Rubella (which is contracted while the mother is pregnant).  As a result John has disabilities, which would normally affect most people’s ability to participate fully in life or access certain opportunities.

John lives with a supportive family who have encouraged him and provided care in times when he hasn’t been well enough to care for himself.  John’s intellectual disability, hearing problems, diabetes, sleep apnea and diagnosis of 2 mental disorders (schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorder) certainly presented some great challenges to John.  He recalls being unable to work and being cut off socially in a psychiatric hospital for long periods, amongst other medical difficult interventions, social discrimination and disadvantages.  John’s positive attitude, energetic personality and persistent love of good fun and laughs has helped him to overcome some of the barriers he has faced in his personal, social and working life.

He attributes his confidence and determination, which has been helped along by a supportive network of family and friends and community services.  John finds that he fits in well at Out Doors Inc. because others share his positive attitude and constant readiness to have fun.  He says that Out Doors staff is excellent role models for him and he has also met fellow participants who are now valued friends.  John’s interest in recreation and leisure lead him to work as an admin intern for a local sporting club.  He is a very active member of his community and attends clubs and meetings most days.  John’s interest in physical activity has been inspired by his camps and outings with Out Doors Inc. Out Doors has formed an important part of the support network that has supported John to gain confidence in range of skills (social, vocational etc.) and allowed him to excel in his social and vocational pursuits.

John continues to participate with Out Doors when he can fit us in to his busy schedule.