What we do

Out Doors Inc. (Out Doors) is a statewide not-for-profit organisation that delivers outdoor adventure and recreation programs for people at risk or living with poor mental health.

Using outdoor education, with an emphasis on action, challenge and risk-taking, we deliver programs such as rafting, rock climbing and surfing, and creative programs like bush art & music as a means of providing rehabilitation, skill development and integration in the community.  Our programs support participants to live independently, keep physically and mentally active and develop formal and informal social relationships using the medium of the natural environment.  These programs support our view that people learn best by ‘doing’ and focus on participant’s ability rather than illness or disability.

Out Doors has 30 years experience working with various cultural groups and communities, specialising in education and skill development in a social, practical and less structured environment.  Our programs improve learning outcomes as well as the overall wellbeing of people who are vulnerable and in need of support.

In addition, Out Doors also provides services to the corporate, private and community sector in the form of training, team building and wellness programs.